Batman1 Extras

The extras screen in LEGO Batman: The Videogame.

Extras are options that can be enabled in-game in LEGO Batman to alter the game in some way. Most extras can be purchased using studs once you have obtained the corresponding Red Brick. In some cases, they are automatically unlocked at the beginning of the game. Once bought, they can be toggled in the pause menu under the 'Extras' tab. Some extras are mostly to use for fun or as a joke, like 'Disguise', and some provide actual benefits in gameplay, like invincibility and stud multipliers.

Extras in LEGO Batman: The Videogame

Name Effect Unlock Location Price
Adaptive Difficulty This option is not necessarily an extra, however it is listed under the 'Extras' menu. With it enabled, the player will lose a certain percentage of their studs upon death. With it off, they will lose 2,000 studs every time. Starting a new game N/A
Silhouettes Makes all characters black silhouettes of themselves. Starting a new game 100,000 Stud Icon
Beep Beep Allows the player to press B when in a vehicle to make a car horn sound. Starting a new game 20,000 Stud Icon
Ice Rink Makes all surfaces in the game slippery. Starting a new game 30,000 Stud Icon
Disguise Makes all characters wear googly-eyed glasses, big noses and a moustache. Starting a new game 40,000 Stud Icon
Extra Toggle Adds more characters to your list of accessible characters in Free Play mode. Starting a new game 50,000 Stud Icon
Score x2 Multiplies any studs earned by x2. This extra can stack with the other score multipliers. Villains mission 1-1 'The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal' 1,000,000 Stud Icon
Score x4 Multiplies any studs earned by x4. This extra can stack with the other score multipliers. Villains mission 1-2 'On the Rocks' 2,000,000 Stud Icon
Score x6 Multiplies any studs earned by x6. This extra can stack with the other score multipliers. Villains mission 1-3 'Green Fingers' 3,000,000 Stud Icon
Score x8 Multiplies any studs earned by x8. This extra can stack with the other score multipliers. Villains mission 1-4 'An Enterprising Theft' 4,000,000 Stud Icon
Score x10 Multiplies any studs earned by x10. This extra can stack with the other score multipliers. Villains mission 1-5 'Breaking Blocks' 5,000,000 Stud Icon
Stud Magnet Attracts any studs in a small radius to the player. Villains mission 2-1 'Rockin' the Docks' 100,000 Stud Icon
Character Studs Enemies will drop studs when they are defeated. Villains mission 2-2 'Stealing the Show' 200,000 Stud Icon
Minikit Detector In missions, white arrows will point the player towards any unobtained Minikits in the area. Villains mission 2-3 'Harboring a Grudge' 300,000 Stud Icon
Power Brick Detector In missions, a red arrow will point a player towards the level's Red Brick if it is unobtained. Villains mission 2-4 'A Daring Rescue' 400,000 Stud Icon
Always Score Multiply Every stud collected is multiplied by an extra x9. This extra is separate from the other score multipliers, so it does not stack. Villains mission 2-5 'Arctic World' 500,000 Stud Icon
Fast Build Greatly increases the speed of LEGO builds in-game. Villains mission 3-1 'A Surprise for the Commissioner' 100,000 Stud Icon
Immune to Freeze Gives the player immunity to being frozen by Mr. Freeze's freeze gun. Villains mission 3-2 'Biplane Blast' 200,000 Stud Icon
Regenerate Hearts If the player loses health, they will slowly regain their hearts over time. Villains mission 3-3 'The Joker's Masterpiece' 300,000 Stud Icon
Extra Hearts Adds two extra hearts to the player's health meter. Villains mission 3-4 'The Lure of the Night' 400,000 Stud Icon
Invincibility Makes the player completely immune to death, aside from falling. Villains mission 3-5 'Dying of Laughter' 500,000 Stud Icon

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