Penguin's Lair is a level in LEGO Batman: The Videogame. First there will be some penguins and some Freeze Girls, defeat them. Destroy the trees on the left and build a ladder to get the Glide suit. Glide to the other side of the bridge, there will be some things to build. Build it and then jump on the green panel 3 times to make a boat (platform) to help Robin. Next use your bataring to destroy the frost to build a heater to melt the ice, open a door to acess the Dive suit. Switch to Robin and dive under water to pull the switch to rise the bridge and make your way in to the Penguin's lair for a Showdown.First Catwoman will attack you so punch her a couple of times, then she will jump up to were The Penguin is. Then use your bataring to target the two genarators and that will hurt and make The Penguin let out penguin bombs.Do this a couple of times until The Penguin comes down and attacks you, Punch him a couple of times (sometimes he'll glide, use your bataring to knock him out of the sky) and thats the end of The Penguin and the end of Power Crazed Penguin.