Real name: Arnold Wesker.

The Ventriloquist

Occupation: Ventriloquist

Debut appearance: Detective Comics #583.

Year of debut appearance: 1988.

The Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker) is a villain who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, his dual personality being his puppet, Scarface. It has also been implied that the Ventriloquist becomes horrified if Scarface gets either damaged or seperated from him. Plus, the Ventriloquist replaces the letter "B" with "G" while throwing his voice; for example, Scarface refers to Batman as "Gatman." In the comic-book that is entitled "Batman: Face The Face," a rivalry between Two-Face and the Penguin forms, thereby splitting Gotham City's villains right down the middle. Deciding to take advantage of this situation, a vigilante named "the Great White Shark" ordered his enforcer, Tallyman II, to execute the Ventriloquist, Scarface, KGBeast, Orca, Magpie and other villains who were working for either the Penguin or Two-Face.

Ventriloquist II

Real name: Peyton Riley.

Occupation: Ventriloquist.

Debut appearance: Detective Comics #827.

Year of debut appearance: 2007.

After the original Ventriloquist was executed, Hush's ex-fiancee, Peyton Riley, found Scarface and became Ventriloquist II. She is more compliant with Scarface's brutal methods than Arnold Wesker was and is even a better ventriloquist as she can actually pronounce the letter "B" while throwing her voice. Besides that, Peyton Riley believes that Scarface truly loves her, making their relationship similar to that of the Joker and Harley Quinn's.